Hi, my name is Khati and I am a stay-at-home mom of three boys (ages 4 and 5 and 9 months). Throughout my journey, I’ve come to learn about the personal changes that new mothers undergo when starting a family (physically and emotionally), and the changes to the dynamics of a marriage. I am blessed to have a strong ‘village’ of friends and family who are very supportive. My fellow mom friends reassure me that I’m not alone, and these feelings and experiences are all part of this new chapter.

I recently founded Mommy Network to provide mothers with a place where they can connect with other moms, share experiences, and learn from local experts about topics relevant to them. Similar programs made a huge impact on my journey into motherhood, which included experiencing and overcoming postpartum depression. Having my network of mom friends helped me get through the rough and tough days, and they have become my permanent support system in my everyday life, aside from my family of course.

I live in Markham, and it wasn't until I had children that I truly felt at home in my Markham community. Since having children, I’ve met some of my closest friends through programs just like this Mommy Network and have ‘built my village’.

I am so excited for Mommy Network to reach families in the Greater Toronto Area. I look forward to meeting y’all and your babies – and encourage you to reach out to me with questions or concerns. I have partnered with many local experts who are keen on providing you with guidance and support. Most of these experts are those who I met when my children were infants – and I want to ensure that you too, have the best possible network of friends to help you through your journey.